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Top 10 diet plans to lose weight

 Top 10 diet plans to lose weight According to estimation, about half of American adults attempt to lose weight each year. One of the best w...

 Top 10 diet plans to lose weight

According to estimation, about half of American adults attempt to lose weight each year. One of the best way to lose weight is to follow diet plan. Some diets are rich in fibers and help to reduce your appetite.Some suggest taking low calories and low fats and carbohydrates. 

Here we will discuss the 10 best diet plans to lose weight.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a dietary plan that sequences between periods of fasting and eating. Intermittent fasting restricts the time you are allowed to eat, which is an easy way to reduce your calorie intake. This can lead to weight loss. In a series of researches, it has been estimated that intermittent fasting was shown to cause 3-8% loss of weight over 3- 24 weeks, which is significantly a great % than other methods.

The same researches determined that it can also reduce waist circumference by 4-7%, which is a marker for harmful belly fat. Intermittent fasting helps to improve brain health, reduced inflammation, and many other benefits.

Plant-based diets

Plant-based diets may prove beneficial to lose weight. However, most flexible plant-based diets also occur, such as the flexitarian diet, which is a plant-based diet that allows eating animal products in balance. A journal of 12 studies comprising 1151 members found that people on a plant-based diet lost a normal of 4.4 pounds more than those who comprised animal products.

Plant-based diets help to reduce weight because they are high in fiber, which can help you stay fuller for longer, and low in high-calorie fat. Moreover, plant-based diets are an excellent source of iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. Supplements of these diets can also help you to get nutrients.

Low-carb diets

Diets low in carbohydrates is one of the popular diets to lose weight. Examples of low-carb diets are ketogenic diets and low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets. Low-carb diets decline carbohydrates intake in favor of proteins and fats.

They are typically rich in proteins than low-fat diets, which are important, as protein can help curb your appetite, raise your metabolism, and conserve muscle mass. In very-low-carb diets like keto diets, your body begins using fatty acids rather than carbohydrates for energy by converting them into ketones. This mechanism is called ketosis. Diets low in carbohydrates may decrease risk factors for cardiovascular diseases comprising high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. They also maintain blood sugar levels.

The paleo diet

The paleo diet believers eating the same foods that your hunter-gatherer ancestors allegedly ate. The paleo diet consists of the theory that modern diseases are linked to western diets, as proponents believe that the human body has not evolved to process legumes, grains, and dairy. The paleo diet believers eat whole foods, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and seeds.

Many studies have indicated that the paleo diet can help to lose weight and decrease harmful belly fat. The paleo diet may decrease several heart diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and triglycerides levels.

Low-fat diets

Low-fat diets have been famous for decades. Commonly, a low-fat diet comprises restricting your fat intake to 30% of your daily calories. Some very and ultra-low fat diets aim to limit fat consumption to fewer than 10% of calories.

Ultra-low-fat diets include plant-based and limit meat and animal products. Low-fat diets have been associated with a reduced risk of heart diseases and stroke. They may also decrease inflammation and improve markers of diabetes. However, very low-fat diets have been associated with a greater risk of metabolic syndrome.

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is based on diets that people in countries like Italy and Greece used to eat. Although this diet has been prepared to lower heart disease risks, many studies found that it also aids to lose weight.

The Mediterranean diet consists of eating plenty of fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, legumes, tubers, whole grains, fish, seafood, and extra virgin olive oil. Foods like poultry, eggs, and dairy products are to be eaten in moderation and red meats are limited. Mediterranean diets restrict refined grains, Tran’s fats, refined oils, processed meats, added sugar, and other highly processed foods. This diet also aids to reduce cardiovascular diseases and premature death.

WW (Weight Watchers)

WW, formerly Weight Watchers, is one of the most used weight loss programs. It does not restrict any food groups, people who follow WW plan eat within their set daily points to gain their ideal weight. WW is a facts-based system that allocates different foods and drinks a value, depending on their calorie, fat, and fiber contents.Many studies have indicated that the WW program can aid you to lose weight.

The DASH diet

Dietary styles to Stop hypertension, or DASH diet, is an eating plan that is considered to help treat or prevent high blood pressure, which is clinically known as hypertension. It highlights eating plenty of fruits, whole grains, and lean meats and is low in salts, red meat, added sugars, and fat. The DASH diet suggests specific servings of different food groups.

The DASH diet has been exposed to decline blood pressure levels and several heart disease risk factors. It also lowers the risk of breast and colorectal cancer.


Kale smoothies are the best to lose weight. These diets focus on the powers of foods that contain a group of proteins called sirtuins, comprising kale,strawberries onions, soy parsley, matcha tea, and oily fish such as salmon. 

The first phase of the diet comprises a lot of green juices and restricted calories before you move into the maintenance phase. Limiting calories will always result in short-term weight loss, but there have been no free studies to support this diet.

The Mayr Diet

The Mayr Diet involves decreasing gluten and dairy, eating high alkaline foods such as fish and vegetables and eating slowly and mindfully. The Mayr diet consists of a vegetable-based diet.

This diet tends to lose weight and also protects you from obesity-related diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol level, and cardiovascular diseases. 

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